Capture The Flag (or CTF) is a game where two teams are established in a large battlefield and must try to acquire each other's flags.


Capture The Flag is most known for it's vast replay value. The objective of CTF is to journey into enemy territory and take their flag. Next, you must bring the flag back to your territory to score. The tricky part is managing to get a hold of the flag, the tough part is returning it safely to your base without getting killed (Or hit). There are several different types of CTF...

Neutral CTFEdit

Objective : Capture the flag located in the middle of the battlefield.

Teams : 2

Flags : 1

Difficulty : Hard

Much like traditional CTF, Neutral Capture The Flag is a little bit different than it's predecessor. Both teams don't have their own flags. There's only one, and it doesn't belong to anybody. It is un-controlled. It is put in the middle of the battlefield where one team must claim it, and then bring it back to their territory to score.


Objective : Get the flags and return them to your territory.

Teams : 2

Flags : 2-5

Difficulty : Very Hard

Like Neutral CTF, both teams don't have any flags, but this time, there are multiple un-controlled flags, and both teams must battle to get the most points (Depending on how many flags are in the battlefield). The game is extremely difficult due to the multiple flags scattered around the area, making it hard to control one flag, and even more harder trying to control another.

Time Trial CTFEdit

Objective : Get the flag and return it to your territory before time runs out.

Teams : 2

Flags : 1

Difficulty : Challenging

Once again, another variant of Neutral CTF, only, you have a set amount of time to capture the flag. The timer makes it far more challenging because you are now being rushed into getting the flag and returning it safely to your territory. Only one team can score, and it's basically a one-one situation. Using good teamwork is necessary in winning. Remember to take cover, and avoid large, wide-open areas.

Dog Eat DogEdit

Objective : Capture the enemy flag. (Red Team) Defend your flag from opposing enemies. (Blue Team)

Teams : 2

Flags : 1

Difficulty : Mildly Challenging

Dog Eat Dog is where one team must protect their flag, while another team is sent in to retrieve it. Blue Team has no way of retaliating against the Red Team, other than keeping them from stealing the flag. The game ends when either all members of the Red Team are eliminated, if all of the members of Blue Team are eliminated or the flag is captured by the Red Team. The game proves fair to both because it's a challenge either way. Blue Team has to protect their flag, and the Red Team has to use good teamwork to get to the flag without getting wiped out.

Tips and TricksEdit

Remember to take cover, and wait until the perfect moment to strike.

Stealth matters, so try and sneak past the enemy to avoid a hostile confrontation.

The Flag Carrier will be vunerable once he or she has the flag, so make sure to cover him or her on their way back to your territory.

Watch out for snipers. They will usually be guarding the flag from a distance, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Trees and other large objects provide great cover. Use them if the enemy is after you.

If the Flag Carrier dies, the person closest must get the dropped flag.

Make sure you have teammates protecting you if you're The Flag Carrier.

Vulcans are perfect for defending your flag.

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