An F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade is a fragmentation explosive that is made from K-Nex. It is used mainly in NERF Wars as a secondary weapon.

Overview Edit

The grenade is much like any other, but it shoots out piercing layers of plastic that stun the enemy. The layers are wrapped around the trigger, which pushes the layers with extreme force. It is recommended for large NERF battles, especially against pro players. It is also best to bring several grenades...just in case. The pin is a rubber band attached to the trigger, and it is very sensitive, so make sure it doesn't go off on you!


B-98 Close-Quarters Assault Grenade - The layers shoot out much more faster and abrupt, makng it a perfect ambush weapon against your enemy.

3-32 Smoke Grenade - Smoke erupts after the layers explode, causing panic and desperation to whoever is in the radius.

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