Gender Male
Age 20-22
Relatives Unknown



Ex-Marines (Formerly)

The Technician

Appearances Nerf Fight : The Prisoner

Lieutanant Strainer is the main protagonist from Nerf Fight : The Prisoner.

Early LifeEdit

When Strainer was a child, he always wanted to be a soldier. When he got older, he was recruited into the US Army and deployed to Aphganistan. He was assigned to a squad of Marines and immediately became friends with them. After finishing their mission in Aphganistan, they were transported back to North America. Afterwards, Strainer and the Marines dropped out of the army, and began their own business, of selling weapons to mercenaries all around the country. Strainer was promoted to Lieutanant, and everything seemed fine, until the Marines started taking prisoners and executing those who did not cooperate with their captor's demands. The General believed that there were soldiers from their old squad in Aphganistan trying to hunt his team down, and ordered Strainer and his squad to investigate. Soon after, the Lieutanant realized it was a trap set by the Marines, and quickly tried to escape, but it was too late. This is where the events of The Prisoner started.


Strainer is well-disciplined, and is always loyal to what he stands for. He also is very humorous, even in the most dire of situations.


Extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and firearms.

Trained to physical and mental peak.

Master strategist.

Cunning intellect.

Suprising strength and reflexes.


Strainer could be based off Private Ryan from Saving Private Ryan. Both have near the same personality, and the actor who plays Strainer is named...Ryan Marx.

Strainer wears glasses very often.

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