Nerf Assassination is an action movie created by Splicepoint.


Sent to take down two crime lords scheduled to meet with each other, a team of assassins lay in wait near the place where it all goes down. The cigar-smoking crime lord arrives just in time, and is escorted to the location. He is searched for weapons by the other crime lord's bodyguards, and the meeting begins. Meanwhile, the assassins wait until the riht moment to strike. After several minutes, the snipers prepare to shoot. One of the bodyguards notice the two snipers, and tries to jump in front of the crime lords, but it was too late, the cigar-smoking kingpin is shot in the chest, presumably dead.

The other crime lord quickly hides behind a slab of rock, while the other bodyguards return fire at the snipers. The duo then get up and hid behind a plantation. The bodyguards catch up, and the fight is on. The lead bodyguard is shot as the two snipers advance toward the coming escape vehicle, and they both are close to escaping, but the lead bodyguard arrives and almost kills one of the snipers, but he is knocked out by the other sniper. They take the bodyguard and place him in the backseat of the van, and drive off, tires screeching.


Sniper #1

Sniper #2

Cigar-Smoking Crime Lord

Crime Lord in Tuxedo



A sequel was made by Splicepoint telling the story of Echo Squad, a group of N.E.R.F SEALS sent in to retrieve incriminating data on a convict. It is called Nerf Assassination 2 : Echo Squad.

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