Nerf Fight : The Outpost 2 : Final Run is an action/drama movie created by Applepoo Productions.


A teaser trailer was released on YouTube January 7th, 2010. It was revealed shortly after that the film will simply be called Nerf Fight : Final Run. The date of it's release is not yet known.


Ryan Marx and Geoff Fish are set to write the script, and Jack Kenyon, Jerry Mesick, Ryan Marx and Geoff Fish are confirmed actors. The movie will feature blood, gunshot effects, explosions and more.


Stay tuned for official details!


  • Is the first NERF movie by Applepoo Productions to feature blood, and other realistic effects.
  • Is the first NERF movie by Applepoo Productions to have the protagonist team made up of more than 6 members.
  • Is the first NERF movie by Applepoo Productions to have a vehicle in the action. (The hummer from the trailer)


  • According to Applepoo Productions, the script is still being written.
  • More than 2,000 views of the trailer in the past month.
  • The speculated plot is that a team of soldiers are sent in to rescue a brother in arms being held by terrorists, or forces unknown.
  • Applepoo Productions is most known for creating teams of heroes in their movies, with this one being it's largest : more than 6 members.

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