Nerf Fight : The Prisoner (Part One) is an action/adventure series by Applepoo Productions.


Somewhere in the United States, a large group of ex-marines are smuggling weapons into Iraq. One of the ex-marines is caught training other military personnel out of the base, and is captured and put into confinement. Luckily, a man working undercover as a local technician hears the prisoner's pleas, and gives him an earpeice so that they can communicate with each other. An hour later, they devise a plan to escape the base. The plan is to wait until the prisoner's first cargo transport arrives, and then, they both will ambush the soldiers in the vicinity. After breaking out, they are caught off guard when reinforcements suddenly attack them whilst hotwiring an enemy van. The prisoner is shot, as well as the technician, but they both escape with the soldiers looking on as they speed away. An epilogue plays telling the viewer that the van was found crashed into a tree, and it was covered in blood, but there were no bodies found, hinting at a possible sequel.


The following is a list of characters from the movie.

Lieutanant Strainer - Ryan Marx

The Technician - Geoff Fish

Marine General - Andrew Balog

Masked Guard - Nate Jones

Rival Lieutanant - Jack Kenyon


A sequel was released following the events of the first Prisoner. Featuring Ryan Marx as the Lieutanant Strainer, and Geoff Fish as The Technician. Featuring Alex Brown as the main antagonist of the movie.


Lieutanant Strainer's total kill count is eight.

When Strainer brings out the prisoner in the beginning, The Marine General not only cocks his gun once, but twice before executing him.

During the escape sequence, Strainer kicks a guard, knocking him down. If you look closely, a dog can be seen running into the shot and jumping on the fallen guard.

Throughout the movie, Strainer is seen with and without glasses.

The soldiers Strainer had been training might have been from Delta Squad, a task force from Nerf Fight : The Hostage 2.

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