Nerf Fight : The Prisoner (Part Two) is a sequel to Nerf Fight : The Prisoner (Part One) created by Applepoo Productions.


Taking place sometime after the events of the first Prisoner, The Man Lieutanant and The Technician cool their heels before going on the move again. The Lieutanant goes to find some water, while The Technician waits nearby. He is spotted by one of the Marines hunting the two fugitives, and uses the butt of the marine's gun to knock him out. The Lt. comes back to find the passed out marine. They fear that they have been compromised, and start to move. They walk upon the Marines making an exchange with a mercenary and his "financial advisor". The Lt. notes that weapons specialists don't train their Financial Advisors for action, so they don't worry about the man with the merc. The Technician also notes that they are there to try and get the Tech's brother back, and reason with Marines, but the deal goes sour, and a gunfight breaks out. The Lt trades a few words with the Rival Lt. before fighting him. While the fight between the two is going on, The Tech trys to apprehend the Merc, but he gets disarmed. After the Main Lt manages to get back onto the road, he discovers the dead body of The Technician, with the Merc standing there with a gun in his hand. Cue end credits.

Cliffhanger EndingEdit

The movie ends with a cliffhanger, and an update telling viewers that a Part Three is being made. YouTube voted this to be the most depressing Cliffhanger ending ever.


The following lists all of the characters from the movie.

Main Lieutanant/The Prisoner - Ryan Marx

The Technician - Geoff Fish

Rival Lieutanant - Jack Kenyon

The Mercenary - Alex Brown

Financial Advisor - Cianan Murphy

Enemy Sergeant - Nate Jones


Applepoo Productions announced in 2008 that there will be a Part Three, but the upload date has been pushed back, so no one knows when it will be released. Ryan Marx might return as The Main Lt, and The Merc may return as well. No details have been revealed.

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