Nerf Wars : The Zombie is an action/horror movie created by Blackhawk Pictures and Brightlite Films.


Sometime in the near future, a deadly infection has spread throughout the United States, causing the infected to turn into mindless, violent zombies. In a small suburbia, two survivors of the outbreak are walking through a deserted neighborhood crawling with zombies. They come across several trying to get into a safehouse, and the two eliminate the invaders. Suddenly, a zombie runs out from behind the safehouse, and tackles one of the survivors. It is killed by the other survivor, and fears that they have been compromised, and quickly aids his friend. The duo manage to get inside the garage of the safehouse, and states that "they're safe there." Out of nowhere a small horde gets inside the garage, and overwhelms the survivors, but they blast their way out. They think fast and dispose of the corpses before their scent is picked up by another horde. As they are throwing away the bodies, a hunter appears, and attacks one of the survivors, the other shoots the hunter off his ally, and pulls him back up. The noise alerts a tank, and it pushes the lead survivor into a stack of pipes, incapacitating him. The other survivor trys to fight the tank off, but the first survivor grabs a drill, and impales the tank, killing it. Soon after, the power is cut by approaching zombies. They hide out in the garage for a few more hours until, more survivors come to help the duo.

The next day, the survivors move on and try to find a much safer refuge outside the neighborhood. As they are packing up supplies, one of the survivors is suddenly pulled down and nearly choked by a smoker. Others come to help, and they rescue the survivor, but it turns out to be an ambush, and many are killed. Only the two main survivors are left. The two make it inside the safehouse, and a horde gets inside. One of them tackles one of the survivors, and he is clawed to death. The other survivor lobs a grenade at the horde, killing him and the attacking zombies.


Blackhawk Pictures and Brightlite Films created a sequel to the movie, called Nerf Fight : The Zombie 2.

It features a new protagonist, and is longer than the first movie.


  • When the Survivors are fighting the zombies, you can hear them yell "Hunter!" or "Tank!". These are actual zombies derived from the game Left 4 Dead, a popular leisure game about four survivors battling endless waves of zombies.
  • The word "crap" is used over 10 times.
  • The hunter and tank are the only boss zombies seen, except for the smoker, who is not shown attacking the survivor.
  • All of the survivors don't have names. This is probably an overlooked detail by the creators.
  • When the survivors try to dispose of the bodies, you can clearly see that they are helping themselves up, and when they are thrown out, one of the zombies appears to walk out of the scene.
  • The survivor that kills the hunter trying to claw the other survivor to death gets a double-barrel shotgun out of nowhere.
  • There are some "first-person perspective" parts in the movie. One during the garage scene, and one during the outdoor battle scene.
  • When the survivors wake up the next day, there is what appears to be a bowie knife from Nazi Zombies laying on the couch.
  • Only one song is heard in the entire movie, and that is during the day change sequence when the survivors go to sleep. The song is Thunderstuck by AC/DC.
  • It is unknown if the survivors are dead, but it is highly likely since the zombies like to feast on dead human bodies. They could've, however, been turned into zombies because the virus spreads thorugh their saliva, or sometimes, very rarely, skin contact.
  • This movie is a homage to very famous zombie games, with many references to Left 4 Dead and Nazi Zombies.

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